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Professional reupholstery of your existing pews in our plant. We offer various discounts for performing some of the necessary labor yourself. For churches that wish to do their own reupholstering, we can provide you with the foam and fabric necessary to complete your project.
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Seat and Back Cushions
We can provide you with seat cushions for your solid wood pews, as well as custom fit back cushions.
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New metal or wood frame kneelers built to fit your existing pews.
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Custom Chancel Furniture
We can provide simple furniture for small chapels as well as more elaborate pieces for large cathedrals.
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Pew Repair
We can fix cracks, delaminations, peeling veneers or any other pew repairs that you might need.
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Custom Furniture Finishing
We can provide expert, custom finishing services for any furniture, wood trim or wood product - not just pews!
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New Pew and Chair Seating
We would be happy to send you brochures on the wide array of chair and pew styles that we have available.
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Foam and Fabric Supplies
For churches with the desire to perform their own reupholstering, we can provide foam and fabric for your project.
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Pew Modification
Need to make room for a new sound booth or handicap seating? We can shorten pews without compromising their strength or aesthetics.
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Sanctuary Reconfiguration
We can move, cut down and reanchor your pews to help improve your traffic flow, change capacity, accommodate new room features or enhance the design of your sanctuary. We can also take up, move and reanchor pews for the installation of new carpet.
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